Here is a map showing the location of the UBC Farm entrance.

Added Nov. 15th 2017:   The SP Field Exams are on Tuesday November 28 at the South Campus Farm (note the order of the last lab sessions has been switched with FRST 320). Please arrive a few minutes early, and then meet us on the main trail through the forest. Bring a map of your site showing EU’s, TU’s, access, trails and a summary of your treatment regime and costs (you will briefly present this as a crew, 5 minutes max). You will then circulate to stations for individual questions from members of the examining team. The examiners will ask you to i) observe features of the site, trees, understory plants and/or soil, ii) explain what they are telling you about ecological processes (e.g. disturbance, stand development, productivity etc.), and iii) to link these observations to your decisions about target stand conditions and treatments.

Please find the SP Field Exam schedule here.


The final SP report is due next Friday December 1st by 5 pm at my office FSC 3038. The instructions and a marking key are posted under the Labs tab.

The final exam is on December 13th. Old exams and practice questions are posted on the Exams tab. The format will be essay and short answer questions, some may include graphs. About 2/3 of the exam will cover Adam’s material, the other 1/3 will be on Steve’s material. Some questions will integrate both. We are happy to meet with you to go over any course material. Email us to arrange a time to meet. Steve will be away from December 6 to 9th.

The FUS Christmas tree sales will be at the UBC Farm on December 15 and 16th. Cyril is looking for volunteers for 2 hour shifts. Proceeds go to Forests without Borders, the Ring Ceremony and UBC Farm. You can contact Cyril at